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Winter Blues? 6 easy ways to ease SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

What are the symptoms of Winter Blues?

Seasonal Affective Disorder affects many people in the winter months. Typical symptoms include feelings of depression, lethargy, and a lack of motivation. We've put together an easy to follow list of things to do if you're feeling the winter blues. We have included information from the NHS website as well as the additional infographic below. (more…)

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Mental Health

Making a List and Checking It (a Lot!)

Self-care isn't about checking things off, it's about keeping check of things

making a list

As Christmas approaches you might hear something along the lines of “making a list, and checking it twice”. Now, fear not, I’m not about to wax lyrical about the virtues of being nice, or worse – naughty. Really it’s just an easy quip to bring me on to the topic of: lists. We're encouraged to write them. (more…)

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