Podcast Episode 9: Anger

Jake discusses the emotion of Anger in this episode. Anger is an emotion that everyone has experienced. Something or someone has made you frustrated, infuriated, irritated, annoyed or just plain angry. This episode aims to illustrate the significant role that anger contributes to motivation and if your motivation is not to make change, then you might need to let go of your anger because anger should always serve an intentional purpose. (more…)

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Podcast Episode 1: Trust

No matter how many tests you put people through in order to have them earn your trust, at the end of that whole process, it was ultimately up to you to grant them your trust (or not), and then to continue to trust them (or not). Jake will go deeper and explain what all this means. Hope you enjoy it! (more…)

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Mental Health

Welcome the Noggin Notes Podcast

Hello and welcome to the Noggin Notes podcast, this is the show for Mental Wellness. On this episode, Jake will introduce who we are and what to expect in the upcoming shows. Educating and awareness is exactly what we’re going to help you with on our shows. I hope you enjoy! 

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