Trust is questionably one of the most complex and misunderstood concepts that we are faced with in our daily lives. Its meaning is encapsulated within various connotations – ask five friends, you’ll get five definitions – and ironically, it becomes difficult to trust in one definition alone. Yet, trust is deemed as one of the most important components of our society and ourselves. (more…)

Podcast Episode 4: Emotions Overview Part III

Being mentally healthy doesn’t mean never going through bad times or experiencing emotional problems. We all go through disappointments, loss, and change. And while these are normal parts of life, they can still cause sadness, anxiety, and stress. Listen to the Jake’s final overview on emotions. Hope you enjoy it!


Podcast Episode 3: Emotions Overview Part II

Feelings are sparked by emotions and colored by the thoughts, memories, and images that have become subconsciously linked with that particular emotion for you. But it works the other way around too. For example, just thinking about something threatening can trigger an emotional fear response. While individual emotions are temporary, the feelings they evoke may persist and grow over a lifetime. Listen to Jake explain further. Hope you enjoy it!