Podcast Episode 36: Toxic Relationships Part I

We welcome back Steve Barcia on the show as he discusses toxic relationships with Jake. They give insightful advice and tips if you think you are in a toxic relationship or if you think you were in one. Their discussion will give you a better insight on having a healthier relationship with others, your partner and yourself. (more…)

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Podcast Episode 29: Listener Mail

  Jake has received a great question about how our relationships with others, our parents, our children, how we grew up effects and defines who we become. What you are taught as a child by your parents, by what you saw and learned from your environments plays a big part in the development on who you will become.  (more…)

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Podcast Episode 14: Contempt

Contempt Podcast Episode Thumbnail In this episode Jake discusses the emotion of Contempt. Contempt is an emotion felt towards others that puts the person in an inferior, lower status position. The other person is regarded as being less in some way that the person feeling contempt considers themselves important. (more…)

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