In today’s episode we had the pleasure of having Adam Sikorski from Change Wealth Advisors, to talk about the psychology behind investing and managing money.

Adam Sikorski is the Founding Partner of Change Wealth Advisors and a partner at Private Client Wealth Advisors, LLC. Driven by a desire to change lives for the better, Adam works closely with his clients to develop a plan-based and evidence driven approach to determining what is best for their finances and their story.

Change Wealth Advisors does not only provide investment advice but they are well involved and provide support to community and nonprofit organizations.

Organizations such as Priceless Alaska who are an anti-sex trafficking organization based in Anchorage, AK that walks with victims to find new life while meeting practical needs, and Rotary International, who are service-based organization of community professionals who are dedicated to serving their local community and supporting international projects such as ending polio and fighting human trafficking.

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