Why is it that when we see another person suffering, some of us are able to instantly envision ourselves in the other person’s place and feel sympathy for their pain while others remain indifferent and uncaring?

Empathy is the key.

Empathy involves the ability to emotionally understand what another person is experiencing. Essentially, it is putting you in someone else’s position and feeling what they must be feeling.

So what about sympathy? Sympathy is a feeling of care and concern for someone, often someone close, accompanied by a wish to see him better off or happier. Compared to pity, sympathy implies a greater sense of shared similarities together with a more profound personal engagement.

Then there is Faux outrage which is pretending one is offended, insulted or generally affronted by something which they really are not. The faux outrage is usually expressed publicly because it is done in the service of an agenda. Those expressing faux outrage usually labor under the delusion that no one can see through them, but most can.

Join us today as Jake dives in and dissects each topic of Empathy, Sympathy and Faux Outrage, showing the need of each and the hidden meaning of individuals that express faux outrage.

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