We had the honor of having on our show an amazing lady. She is from the United Kingdom who has created a community that allows people to support people. In her words “I create spaces for people to feel ‘heard’.”

Aside from the health benefits of running, there are also many psychological benefits of a regular running or jogging program. Some of these include building confidence, stress relief, and the attitude boost of the runner’s high.

RunTalkRun is a physical & virtual running community committed to supporting one another and being open about mental health. They come together on a weekly basis for a gentle 5k jog and a chat about the difficulties in their lives in a safe space, helping each other with whatever difficulties they might be going through.

Aside from just the stress relief, running has also been proven to improve attitude. Running, especially outside and on trails, creates a release of endorphins that can cause euphoria or just a general sense of happiness.

In today’s episode Jake chats to Jessica Robson about her journey and all the activities RunTalkRun has created and involved in.

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