In today’s episode Jake breaks down the 4th part of Understanding Emotions. He discusses Disgust and Contempt.

Empathy and contempt are polar opposites.  Empathy involves caring about others feelings and concerns.  Contempt is arrogance, “I know best”, disregard, dismissal and no regard of other’s concerns.  Empathy nurtures relationship bonds; contempt invites relationship problems.

If we have a “disgust” response to something, typically it’s associated with fear. However, fear and disgust are very separate and unique emotional functions within the limbic system and they definitely result in different facial expressions.

Analyzing the contempt as an intergroup emotion, we suggest that contempt and anger are not built upon each other. Whereas disgust seems to be the most elementary and specific basic-emotional antecedent of contempt. Want to enjoy positive work relationships, healthy relationships with friends, family and partners?  Dump the contempt.  Listen well.  And pump up the positivity! When those more vulnerable feelings are explored in safety and grieved dyadically, a corrective emotional experience may occur. You can’t build a temple of appreciation without fully excavating the building site.

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