Chaos is defined as disorganization, lack of coherence, disorder or dispersion. Whenever a human being is confronted with such situations, he/she develops defensive responses for action or attack.

When we speak of addictions, generally, they fulfill the function of covering up a much deeper conflict, which has not been solved. This compulsive tendency to create new problems is no more than a strategy for attention.

It’s important to have a sense of belonging and to be a part of a group or a family. Part of belonging to any group is to be known, understood, and accepted. But, while it’s normal to want to be understood, we can’t depend on others to validate who we are, what we believe in, and how we feel. When we do, we compromise pieces of who we are in order to fit in and let others determine our self-worth

It is not easy to overcome any addiction, including this one. The most important thing is to recognize what that underlying conflict is. In todays episode Jakes breaks down and elaborates what it means to be addicted to chaos and also gives some helpful tips to use to deal with someone or a situation that puts you in a chaotic environment.

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