This week we would like to reboot an episode that Jake had with guest Jesse Lott from Zephyr Wellness, to discuss deeper on the topic of Content versus Process.

It’s not the language often spoken of in the world of relationships. I think it is a highly relevant issue to address. It’s the idea of ‘how’ to do something, more than ‘what specifically to do’. When two people can totally be authentic with each other giving each other space to be completely genuine to one another, this is what we call process. It will help with communication and connection between one another.

Our state of mind can affect our ability to thoroughly grasp or totally misconstrue a situation. Psychologists say that we tend to project or filter experiences based on our past fears, hurts or insecurities. We can benefit from this same lesson by carefully looking at the context of the content we experience everyday.

Take careful notice of the way someone is saying something. Is the hurtful critique being given in the context of love and care for your well-being? Is the complement being said with a sneer and the bite of sarcasm? When faced with the ominous battle of Content versus Process take a moment to put down the boxing gloves.

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