We had the honor of having on our show an extraordinary individual. Australian raised living in the USA, his life’s story has been so inspirational it has been featured on the multi-award winning documentary Stopping Traffic.

Dr. John A. King is an award winning poet, activist on human trafficking. He has C-PTSD and run’s seminars on trafficking and PTSD.

His latest book #DEALWITHIT is a no frills, raw journey of how Dr. John A. King went through a decade of childhood sexual abuse by his friends and family and how he fought to piece his life back together.

This episode deals with a lot of sensitive subjects and we warn our listeners to not listen to it if you are triggered by the topic. It is a very transparent and revealing conversation of Dr. John’s life. We hope that while we discuss these topics we are able to motivate and inspire someone out there, that what you may be going through at this moment is not the end.

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