Amanda Green is back and we are excited as she discusses further with Jake about play therapy. They discuss the 10 objectives of play therapy.

Developing more positive self-concept in kids is important. We all should know that, you are not what you do. So we should never want to say, “kids are something”, we would rather want to say, “they are doing something”, because we can change what we do.

Play Therapy facilitates the development of self-control, self-responsibility and appropriate self-esteem. A play experience is therapeutic because it provides a secure relationship between the child and the adult, so that the child has the freedom and room to state himself in his own terms, exactly as he is at the moment in his own way and in his own time.

Through play therapy process children create play that resembles the emotional experiences they are struggling with internally. These experiences usually cannot be expressed verbally, however, through play they can begin to express themselves.

Play therapy helps to actualize the ultimate objectives of a child’s development. Facilitating the intellectual, emotional, physical and social development of children from the learning opportunities and experiences offered in school.

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