Being a parent is a role that can bring you great joy and happiness as well as challenges to deal with.

How you parent your children can have a major and enduring impact on the type of adult they become. But parents work in different ways. Most parents use a mix of parenting styles, but most do tend to lean more towards one style than another. Each style of parenting leads to different outcomes for children.

It can be daunting and overwhelming as you make decisions about your children’s upbringing that may be quite new to you.

Young children look for and need connection with the important people in their lives. They need a balance between being allowed to explore their world and take manageable risks, and the structure provided by adults who set limits and take charge when the need arises.

Jake discusses Dr. Conte Four C’s of Parenting, where Dr. Conte came up with a very simple approach that parents can rely on to help them guide their children.

The key to effective parenting is to develop respectful relationships with your children. So that problems can be resolved in a calm, fair and kindly way. Ultimately, as a parent, you must act with loving responsibility, explaining to a child: ‘You get a say and I’ll listen, but sometimes, I’ll need to take charge’.

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