Jake has received a great question about how our relationships with others, our parents, our children, how we grew up effects and defines who we become. What you are taught as a child by your parents, by what you saw and learned from your environments plays a big part in the development on who you will become. 

Relationships can possibly change our point of view and give us different opinions on our life. This means the way people are towards you, are how you portray them in your life.

A relationship can go from happiness, to love, to doubt, to fights, to stress, to pain, to hate, to regrets, to memories that won’t go away.

Through the social connections of individuality and affiliation, we become who we are known as. Primarily, we start life with the influence of our elders. By the time we reach puberty, social awareness comes into play, and our own sense of originality takes flight with what we hear, see and touch and this, in turn, forms our connection with society.

As human beings, one of our quintessential traits is our ability to be directly influenced by the people that surround us. From the instance we are born, we cannot help but be permeated by the thousands of social stimuli that surround us, from family, friends, lovers and even greater society as a whole. Strong correlations can be drawn between who we interact with, and who we become.

Only when we know who we are, will we know how we need to be in this world. Only when we know who we are, will we also know others. We will have real relationships. We will be real. Only then.

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