In this episode Jake discusses provides us with five steps to improved gratitude.

Expressing gratitude and feeling thankful are powerful mind and body vitamins. Research shows that the benefits of appreciation and thankfulness are many. Having an attitude of gratitude is good for your physical, emotional and mental health.

Expressing your thanks can really improve your overall sense of well-being. Gratitude is also a powerful tool for strengthening interpersonal relationships. People who express their gratitude tend to be more willing to forgive others and are less narcissistic.

Thankfulness feels good and is good for you. Those who make a habit of feeling grateful experience the same health benefits as happy people. They have lower levels of stress hormones and less risk of viral infections. They exercise more, sleep better, live longer, and have more satisfying relationships

We all know there is a link between the mind and the body and here is where gratitude has a double benefit! The feeling of appreciation when we are grateful, helps us to have healthier minds and with that healthier bodies. It seems that gratitude, opens yet another door into the world of health. Why would you deny yourself of that?

The most exciting aspect of all these benefits of gratitude is that gratitude costs absolutely nothing to practice, and that anyone can easily be grateful in their lives. There are all sorts of ways to practice gratitude, and it can be practiced in any setting of daily life, from home to school to work.

Next time you have a free moment, try practicing some gratitude. You might just be surprised by the benefits it brings you.

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