This week Jake shares with you how mental health refers to your overall psychological well-being. It includes the way you think about yourself. The quality of your relationships, and your ability to manage your emotions and deal with difficulties.

Emotions are a natural part of every lifeform. They are an indication of the current state of our lives, that is, how we are faring in response to our expectations and points of view. The various “emotions” range very widely in intensity, specificity, and function. For example, if we expect to have a reasonable freedom of choice and someone else is denying us that then anger might be the emotion that we experience. This anger is an indicator that things are not as we want them to be. They will be times when we might not know why we are angry so it would be best to find out why.

Emotions are the result of internal thinking processes which can be triggered from external events and/or internal memories. If one accepts the view that emotions are “feelings”, and then emotions would include hunger, pain, boredom, and curiosity, in addition to more conventional emotions such as envy, anger, sadness, and elation.

Let us imagine that we each drop a bowling ball onto our toe. The physical pain we experience is not an emotion but certainly the first thing felt after ball lands on our toe. Nervousness and apprehension might be the emotion felt beforehand. After that the pain floods our body many emotions may result and that depends on the person. Anger at one’s self for being foolish enough to actually drop the bowling ball. Humor, as we cannot believe we actually did it. Despair of why we felt the need to prove a point, and so on.

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