Mental Health Podcast Episode 7: Shame / Guilt (Part 2)

mental health podcast shame guilt part 1

Jake from Zephyr Wellness is your host again in this episode of our ongoing mental health podcast series. This episode is Part 2 of Shame and Guilt. Part 2 discusses potentially unhealthy cycles of shame and guilt. We encourage you to think of instances in your life where you may be requiring deed based performances from people in order for you to extend forgiveness, and ask yourself are these deeds really necessary for you to forgive them? Similar to respect and trust, it is up to us to extend these to people. Is it really necessary for us to require people to ‘earn’ these things from us with an arbitrary deed? On the flip side, maybe you think certain people in your life are requiring too much from you. Jake gives everyday examples of where this may occur and delves deeper into forgiveness and the emotions of shame and guilt.

Love, compassion, forgiveness, grace. I think all those things are what make the world go round.

This covers two of the 10 discrete emotions, originally reported on by the psychologist Carroll Izard. (Author of the “Psychology of Emotions”).

We’ll be covering the remaining 7 of these 10 discrete emotions in future podcast episodes so be sure to follow us!

Here are some useful mental health and psychology links and websites that Jake recommends:

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Enjoy! 🙂

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