Mental Health Podcast Episode 6: Shame / Guilt (Part 1)

mental health podcast shame guilt part 1

Jake from Zephyr Wellness is your host again in this episode of our ongoing mental health podcast series. This episode discusses the emotions of Shame and Guilt. This is a 2 episode podcast on the emotions of shame and guilt, as these two emotions are closely related. In brief, shame tells us that we failed to meet someone else’s expectations, and guilt tells us to make a repair for failing to meet those expectations.

When we feel whatever we feel, we want to label it accurately, and then we want to respond accurately. We want to respond from a place of consideration and thought, not from an emotional place.

This episode is the second episode to cover one of the 10 discrete emotions, originally reported on by the psychologist Carroll Izard. (Author of the “Psychology of Emotions”). Jake covered the first, “sadness”, in the last episode, available here: Podcast Episode 5: Sadness.

We’ll be covering all 10 of these discrete emotions in future podcast episodes so be sure to follow us!

Here are the mental health and psychology links and websites that Jake mentions in this podcast episode:

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Enjoy! 🙂

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Podcast Episode 5: Sadness - Noggin Notes · 16th August 2017 at 2:52 pm

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