Christmas can bring festive cheer and frivolities, but it can also bring stress and anxiety. For proof of this, look no further than those Black Friday videos that have been popping up on Facebook lately. But, aside from fighting your fellow humans for that flat screen TV, there are other pressures that the festive season may bestow. Such as financial pressures, pressures of seeing certain family members or the overwhelming pressure of having to have fun (especially on New Year’s Eve!).

Remember, t’is the season to care about you!

In times when increased stress is likely, it’s more important than ever to do the things that help you stay in control of your wellbeing. This could be simple budgeting (you don’t have to show love by displaying self-sacrifice/ financial hardship), making sure you don’t let things slip that you depend on (healthy eating, exercise, etc.) or taking a little break from people just to spend 15 minutes away, allowing for time to calm down and gather your resources. Remember, t’is the season to care about you! Acknowledging how you’re feeling can help you overcome how you’re feeling –  so log on to your Noggin Notes App and mark down what you’re feeling grateful for, to remind you of what’s important to you. Once you’re finished reading this, think about what might benefit your wellbeing this Christmas and remember, it is just another day in the calendar – you’ll get through it.

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